POROS Suite Expansion Project

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Bedford, MA

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Project Overview

Notch was selected through a fast-track process, based on previous work and reputation with Thermo Fisher and SPEC. There was little to no flexibility in the work schedule and the project had a hard start date of January 1st, 2021 with about a month of pre-planning. Notch utilized BIM coordination in the field to navigate the tough schedule. Because the expansion was in a 100% operational facility, the crew also needed to work around the tough manufacturing schedule of two weeks on and one week off. During the off week, the crew did prep work outside the operational laboratory.  Both of these factors lead the management and coordination of this job to be extremely intense. The Notch crew worked hard to meet the customer demands while at the same time keeping the crew safe during an ongoing pandemic.

Highlights & Challenges
  • In November of 2020, Notch was selected by SPEC Engineering to perform the mechanical expansion of the POROS production suite at Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • The facility was close to 100% utilized in terms of space. The crew had to be extra cautious when working in the tight spaces and being creative to save space when laying out the new equipment.
  • These expansions and the investment in the new Chelmsford site will help Thermo Fisher Scientific continue to meet the needs of its bioprocessing customers into the future.
Scope Summary

The scope of this project included:

  • Install (1) TCU (Temperature Control Unit) skid
  • Procure/install all plumbing piping/hangers/fixtures
  • Modify the existing DI, N2 and CA lines
  • Pipe up (2) new POROS 1M2 NUTSCHE Filters

Project Accolades

Winner of three construction industry mechanical awards from Associated Builders and Contractors:

  • Excellence Award from the Connecticut Chapter
  • Excellence Award from the Rhode Island Chapter
  • Merit Award from the Massachusetts Chapter