Advanced Technology Manufacturers

Every industry has unique challenges that need to be addressed. Notch has the knowledge and experience to ensure our piping solutions for advanced technology manufacturing applications fully meet those special requirements.

Notch adheres to all OSHA process safety management (PSM) and mechanical integrity requirements. Our team members are experts in operating safely and efficiently in clean room settings and flammable and hazardous work areas, as well as handling hazardous materials. In addition, our experience and vast material knowledge makes us ideally suited to take piping solutions from R&D through pilot to full production of new systems, as well as scaling up existing systems to new technologies. And our process ensures your facility’s downtime and costs related installation are limited, as we manage everything from design through outside contractor qualification and oversight.

Services & Special Capabilites

  • Piping installation per ASME 31.3
  • Process & utility piping systems
  • Vessel repair & alterations
  • Specialty piping capabilities (high purity, Teflon-lined)

Representative Clients

  • Aspen Aerogels
  • Cabot Corp
  • E ink
  • Medtronic
  • Metalor
  • CertainTeed

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