Our mission is to sustain the common good by constructing and maintaining the piping systems essential to our modern society, while building a great company for the long-term benefit of our employee-owners.

Notch Mechanical Constructors specializes in the installation and repair of process, utility, and facility service piping systems for industrial and institutional buildings — work that’s essential to maintaining our modern quality of life. Throughout southern New England, we build and maintain the facilities that make medicine, food, power, computer chips, fiber optics, paper, plastics, and other products, as well as construct the mechanical backbone of educational, medical, and research facilities.


We Put Safety First

We build every project with safety as a top priority. It is our intention that neither our team nor the people around us are injured as a result of the work we are performing. We are committed to getting everyone home the way they came to work.

We Keep Customers Forever

Customers are our lifeblood. We build long term, close relationships with our customers by understanding their needs and servicing those needs responsively, dependably, and cost effectively. Our future success is integrally linked to the long-term success and health of our customers. Honesty, fairness and respect are essential to building enduring relationships with our customers. Therefore, we treat them as we wish to be treated in our business dealings

We mEet The Challenge

We take on the challenge and get the job done. Near or far, day or night, big or small, we take on the tough projects that our customers need done. Through robust planning, team commitment, and sustained effort, we see these jobs to completion.

We Work As a team

Cooperation and collaboration are essential to successfully completing our projects and growing our employee-owned company. We accomplish more by working together and harnessing our unique talents and abilities in a spirit of teamwork. We strive to be a high-performing team in a coaching and learning environment that enables and challenges our people to grow and thrive. This is achieved by working with honesty, fairness and respect, and building up the virtues of “humble, hungry, and people-smart”.

We Care About Family

Notch was founded as a family business and has grown into a business family. We understand the sacrifices families must sometimes make for Notch to meet its commitments. While we must always meet those customer commitments, we will strive to help our team maintain a healthy family and work balance. We strive to keep our crews working year-round so they can earn a good living and support their families.


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