Power, Cogeneration, & Utility Plants

Every industry has unique challenges that need to be addressed. Notch has the knowledge and experience to ensure our piping solutions for power, cogeneration, and utility plant applications fully meet those special requirements.

Our team of skilled, highly qualified welders delivers solutions that meet the stringent regulatory demands of these challenging systems, including ASME boiler code requirements. We are capable of providing around the clock preventive maintenance and repair service to limit outages, and ensure downtime is limited when more extensive work is needed. And all of our professionals are experienced in working with and around high temperature and pressure hazards unique to these facilities.

Services & Special Capabilites

  • Piping installation per ASME 31.1
  • ASME “PP”, “U”, & “R” stamp
  • Annual outage support
  • Welders are ASME Section IX qualified

Representative Clients

  • Algonquin CHP Plant
  • Firstlight Power
  • Lake Road Generating
  • Masspower
  • Ameresco
  • ESG
  • FuelCell Energy
  • General Electric

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