Notch Services:

Keeping Business Flowing

Since 1972, Notch Mechanical has been providing the regions industrial and institutional clients with the specialized maintenance and construction services necessary to keep their operations running. Our team of highly skilled, well-trained professionals—consisting of more than 65 engineering, technical, trade, and support specialists—allows us to provide you with reliable, timely, cost-effective solutions without the hassles of hiring, coordinating, and managing multiple specialty service providers.

Because of our experience and skill, Notch offers a more sophisticated range of piping solutions than other contractors. For example, all of our pipe welders are certified to ASME Section IX, so every job enjoys the benefits of code welding skills, without it having to be requested. In addition, Notch has mastered a broad array of materials and welding methods. We can work with any metal or plastic piping material using any join method, including welding, treading, grooves, gluing, and soldering. We can even develop and execute a prefabrication plan for your piping system, which helps to reduce downtime and disruptions at your facility, as well as lower overall job costs.