Saflex Line Expansion

Eastman Chemical Company

Springfield, MA

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Project Overview

In September 2021, Notch was awarded the mechanical package to remove existing piping and equipment at Eastman Chemical in Springfield, MA and install new piping and mechanical systems to expand the existing Saflex line. The hours were long, the days were numerous, mostly six-day work weeks with some Sundays with little to no notice. The team worked hand in hand with the customer representatives to fill any needs they had, whether they were labor, equipment, or materials. Notch developed a project specific management structure and communications process and broke down the project with multiple crew leaders and teams. Because there were so many different systems woven throughout the project, subforemen and their team were responsible for specific piping systems such as hot oil, air, and chilled water. It was important to the customer to have the same crew members for the entire project. This created a very challenging additional level of manpower coordination to keep finite details of the project from getting overlooked. The Notch team was able to overcome the demanding schedule and other obstacles while completing the project on time and within budget.
Highlights & Challenges
  • This was a fast and furious project that demanded long days and many weekends
  • Notch took advantage of its prefabrication capabilities due to the limited amount of space at the work space. The crews could focus on one installation on site at a time this way.
  • The crews were trained on using the Viega MegaPress installation process and tools for this project
Scope Summary

The scope of this project included:

  • Demolition of obsolete equipment, process, and utility piping. Repurposing any usable process piping.
  • Installed 12 self-contained Temperature Control Units (TCU), three pump and filter skids for process water baths, cooling tower water piping, hot oil supply and return piping to eight TCU’s, supply and return glycol and chilled water piping to four TCU’s.
  • Piped cooling tower water, steam, and condensate to an air dryer system.
  • Re-pipe or modified existing nitrogen lines for existing equipment.
  • Installed 5″ SS transfer piping from a new silo to equipment inside the building.
  • Utilized multiple piping systems: Pro-press, Mega-press, welded, flanged.

Project Accolades

Winner of one construction industry mechanical Excellence Award from Associated Builders and Contractors Connecticut Chapter