Mechanical Installation of 2 Fuel Cell Conditioning Units

FuelCell Energy

Torrington, CT

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Project Overview

Notch Mechanical was hired by FuelCell Energy, Inc. in March of 2018 to install two new conditioning units at their Torrington, CT location. Fuel cells need initial conditioning, activation or break-in the first time they are operated after being assembled. FuelCell brought on the Notch team to complete the mechanical installation of these two new conditioning units. The first to be installed was completely brand new. The second unit utilized some equipment from their Danbury, CT location along with newer components identical to the first.

Highlights & Challenges
  • This project was much more complicated than originally planned, but the Notch team was able to adjust future scheduling to stay on track.
  • To save time on the project, the Notch team was able to innovatively use a new Trimble device. This allowed the team to mark anchor bolt locations right off of a CAD drawing provided by the engineer. Notch is starting to use this technology more often as it is time saving and cost effective.
  • The team worked smart, as a team and met the challenge. With these new conditioning facilities installed and functioning, FuelCell Energy will be able to condition their products more efficiently and continue to deliver efficient, affordable and clean solutions for the supply, recovery and storage of energy.
Scope Summary

The scope of this project included:

  • Installation of first new conditioning unit (MCF02):
    • Concrete pad layout, marking set points and anchoring for conditioning equipment and pipe supports.
    • Installation of all supplied connecting piping (valves, expansion joints, heat exchangers)
    • Furnish, fabricate and install all pneumatic instrumentation lines and instrument impulse lines
    • Pressure testing of piping assemblies
    • Insulation of all pipe spools
    • Coordination with FCE and Electrical Contractor in testing of all control hardware and systems
    • Grouting of all pipe supports
  • Installation for repurposed conditioning unit (MCF01)
    • Remove and prep the following parts for transfer from Danbury to Torrington: Recycle Blower, Blower Skid, piping rack, Blower Purge Panel, various pipe spools, Oxidizer
    • Installation of all equipment, supports, insulation and piping at the Torrington site to match MCF02 scope of work

Project Accolades

Winner of three construction industry mechanical awards from Associated Builders and Contractors:

  • Excellence Award from the Rhode Island Chapter
  • Merit Award from the Connecticut Chapter