Process Piping Project

Tree House Brewing

Charlton, MA

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Project Overview

In 2017 Notch Mechanical was contracted by Tree House Brewing Company to install the process piping for their brand new brewery in Charlton, MA. When Notch first arrived to the new location, it was an empty building. The bones were there, and the owners were eager to fill in the meat. Their dreams and expectations managed to engulf the entire site; all of the other contractors were there to fill in the big picture. Notch was very excited to be a part of this endeavor. The new construction for Tree House was not only a major expansion of their production capacity as a brewer, but also the creation of a consumer experience destination. Many of the piping systems and tanks would be visible for patrons to see from the viewing balcony in the retail space. Notch worked with the owners to tweak a design not only functional and efficient, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Highlights & Challenges
  • One of the biggest challenges of this project was the highly compressed schedule. Notch began this process piping project at the end of February, and was able to meet the deadline and complete the project on June 23rd. We provided a large crew of skilled sanitary welders and pipe fitters and worked extended hours to meet the schedule.
  • Notch’s strategy to save as much time as possible on this project was to rent two cargo containers to store the crew’s orbital welding equipment directly at the site. Fixtures were then fabricated on site and brought into the building for our fitters to install, creating almost no time wasted on transportation.
Scope Summary

The scope of this project included:

  • Install Chilled Glycol System including all Cool-Fit pipe and fittings along with associated valves
  • Pipe Steam and Condensate from exterior wall of boiler room to equipment
  • CIP Supply and Return
  • Interconnecting Vessel Piping
  • Spent Grains Piping
  • Interconnecting Vessel Piping
  • Water Skid Interconnecting Piping
  • Hot and Cold Water Supply Interconnecting Piping
  • Install Vapor Stacks on (4) tanks
  • Malt Offload Piping and Conveyor Piping
  • Fabricate and install support structures for all piping systems
  • Design and load analysis by others for both mezzanine and roof-supported structures

Project Accolades

Winner of three construction industry mechanical awards from Associated Builders and Contractors:

  • Excellence Award from the Connecticut Chapter
  • Excellence Award from the Rhode Island Chapter
  • Excellence Award from the Massachusetts Chapter