We are at 1,000 Days Safe!

Thu., May 3, 2012
Join us in celebrating our momentous achievement of being 1,000 days incident and accident free. Notch takes safety very seriously and we pride ourselves as being one of the safest mechanical contractors in the New England region.

Our excellent safety record can be contributed for our rigorous safety trainings, experienced crew, and our overall commitment to do the job right the first time. We understand that safety is an ongoing responsibility that stems from all our employees both on and off the jobsite.

Not only do we care for the safety of our crew, but being a safety minded contractor also ensures:

-Fewer surprises due to proactive planned approach to work
-More consistency due to lower turnover in craft labor force
-Minimizes risk customer’s employees, operations, and facilities
-Less likely to have project delays due to incidents and accidents
-Demonstrates corporate commitment to a safe workplace
-Conscientious craft attitude carries over into quality of work

We aim to be the leader in our industry, staying up-to-date with new standards of safety and maintaining our goal of zero incidents and accidents. All Notch employees proudly look forward to another 1,000+ days of safety.

About Notch
A family-owned business since 1972, Notch Mechanical Constructors specializes in the installation of piping systems for industrial and institutional facilities. From our offices in Chicopee and Hudson, Massachusetts, we serve customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Southern New Hampshire, Southern Vermont, and Eastern New York.