Notch Services:

Turn-Key Energy Efficiency & Conservation Projects

Notch can provide turn-key solutions for a wide variety of energy conservation and efficiency measures at industrial and institutional facilities. These projects can significantly lower energy costs, increase operational efficiency, and cut greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, most of these projects are eligible for significant rebates to provide a short investment pay back.

Our extensive experience and resources allow us to provide customers with a single point of responsibility for these projects, ensuring a smooth execution of the entire engineering and construction process. Our scope of services includes preliminary budgeting, detailed mechanical and electrical design, equipment procurement, construction management, startup, and commissioning.

System Examples

  • Combined heating and power systems (CHP) with microturbines or reciprocating engines
  • Combined cooling, heating, and power systems (CCHP) with absorption chillers
  • Backpressure steam turbines
  • ORC waste heat generation
  • Waste heat recovery systems
  • Process cooling systems
  • “Free” cooling systems
  • Energy efficiency & conservation upgrades for thermal systems: steam, chilled water, and cooling water
  • High-pressure natural gas systems
  • Compressed air system upgrades
  • Steam system upgrades
  • Flash steam recovery
  • Oil to natural gas conversions