Notch Services:

Safety Critical Services

Today there are more challenging environments in which to work, and often they require added measures to ensure the job is done safely and done right. Notch has made significant investments in equipment and training to enable us to provide the advanced services our customers need—and have asked us to provide.

These capabilities are important, as they allow you to keep up with new, and ongoing changes to existing, OSHA regulations. Our professionals are trained, certified, and equipped to work in challenging environments, so they can step in and accomplish the task when special safety considerations are of primary concern.

  • Weekly safety job box meetings are required for all craft personnel
  • Annual safety refresher training is required for all craft employees
  • Lock-out and tag-out procedures are used on all jobs
  • All field personnel are trained in confined space entry procedures
  • All field personnel are issued their own respirator, fall protection harness, and lanyards
  • Crews qualified for using self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) to perform internal vessel weld repairs