Notch Safety Program

When it comes to safety, there’s a lot on the line, which is why at Notch safety isn’t just something we talk about—it’s a core value we live and work by. Instilled in every individual from the moment they join the company, safety drives every decision our team makes. And through our comprehensive training program we provide our craft professionals with thorough training, teaching them the importance of thinking, planning, and acting accordingly, so that everyone goes home at the end of the day.

Our comprehensive safety program begins with new hire training and is continued with regular, ongoing refresher training and job box safety meetings. Safety requires accountability, so we also are trained and assigned various responsibilities related to safety throughout the organization to help press the point on our team. And as a company, we lead by example and form active partnerships with our insurance companies and customers regarding best safety practices.

In addition, we train our team to understand that despite complying with all Notch policies, customer rules, and OSHA regulations, circumstances may occur where there is no straightforward resolution. In these instances, our crew leaders and craft personnel know to call in for technical help when they encounter something unexpected and to work with the operations department to find any specialty safety equipment or PPE they may need.

Because of our extensive training and rigorous program, we have gone more than 3 ½ years without a recordable injury—even while working in safety sensitive, hazardous work environments. This accomplishment reflects the skill, training, and professionalism of our workforce, and proves that Notch employees understand how to execute behaviors that result in zero accidents.

Benefits of Hiring a Safety Minded Contractor

  • Fewer surprises due to proactive planned approach to work
  • More consistency due to lower turnover in craft labor force
  • Minimizes risk to your people, operations, and facilities
  • Less likely to have project delays due to incidents and accidents
  • Demonstrates corporate commitment to a safe workplace
  • Conscientious craft attitude carries over into the quality of work