An ABC Accredited Quality Contractor

The Associated Builders & Contractors AQC program is a third-party national accreditation, which recognizes construction firms that document their commitment to quality achievement in four areas of corporate responsibility:

Participation in STEP (Safety, Training, & Evaluation Process)is a requirement for ABC’s prestigious Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) designation at the diamond, gold or platinum level.

Employee Benefits
Participants must excel in the area of employee benefits by offering both their salary and hourly employees benefits that are above or beyond the norm for the construction industry.

AQC members must provide letters submitted by training providers that confirm their employees successfully received craft and/or management education.

Community Relations and Outreach Activities
AQC members provide evidence of continued community involvement and of their efforts to improve the image of the construction industry.

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#1 Safety Award List 97-2016

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