Specialty Plumbing for Trappist Brewery

Spencer, MA

  • Contract value:            $936,000
  • Total Man-hours:               8,867
  • Recordable injuries:                 0

Project Overview In October 2013, Notch Mechanical Constructors completed a unique specialty plumbing project – the first Trappist brewery in America!  For centuries, Trappist monks have brewed their much sought after ale at a few monasteries in Europe.  The 36,000 square foot facility is much larger than a microbrewery.  Their first year output was 1.3 million bottles with plenty of room for expansion.  The aggressive schedule was the biggest challenge on the project since it required the underground plumbing and trench drains to be completed during the coldest months of winter.  Our crew persevered through sub-zero temperatures and the bone-chilling hilltop wind.  Despite these difficult conditions, our crew performed 8,867 hours with a perfect safety record. Notch added industrial plumbing to our palette of services almost 20 years ago.

Notch’s Scope Summary

  • A Well Water Treatment System
  • Underground Water Storage Tanks
  • Precast Trench Floor Drain System
  • Propane Piping
  • Testing Lab Plumbing
  • Hot & Cold Domestic Water Piping
  • Domestic Drain, Waste, & Vent Systems

Project Team Architect: LLT Architects
General Contractor: C.E. Floyd
Owner’s Representative: Kellar Associates
Plumbing Contractor: Notch Mechanical Constructors