Suddekor Gas Piping for New Facility

Contract value:         $410,000

Total Man hours:            4,886

Recordable injuries:             0


Highlights & Challenges

  •  High pressure process gas feed,  compressed air systems,  process wastewater lines and resin tank area piping installed to new machinery.
  •  The system directives came from a sister plant with the initial schematic written in German, information was limited and the scope of the project was difficult to define.  The project ran step by step  as needed data and the German interpreter was available.
  •  Acknowledging Notch’s technical abilities and professional integrity, a custom budgetary system was used  allowing cost and construction decisions to occur together with the customer having real numbers in front of them.


Project Overview 

The German owners invested in a new 100,000sqft facility for the production of laminate materials and finishes that will vertically supplement their unique streamlined manufacturing process.  The completion of this project was critical to a tight time frame to meet their customer production demands.

Notch’s Scope Summary 

The work involved the fast-track installation of utility and process piping for a new German made machine to be installed. Suddekor pressed to get the plant into production as scheduled. Working directly for the owner,  Notch  was part of the design engineering, high pressure gas line permitting, and installation of this new system.  Notch’s prefabrication of gas piping and fittings at our facility allowed work to continue during the permitting process. The wide variety of piping materials showcases Notch’s depth in technical and craft abilities.


Project Accolades

  •  ABC Massachusetts Excellence in Construction award– Merit in the Mechanical,

      Commercial/Industrial category.


Your work was performed above par. Your fast-track pre-installation engineering work, high-pressure permitting

submittals and the installation team were professional, showed direct ownership and worked extremely well with our employees and the other contractors on-site in a cooperative environment.

We could always find a suitable, cost-effective solution together. Thanks again for the work.

Sincerely, Michael J. Giuggio

               Manager of Engineering