Shire Pharmaceuticals Building 400 Mechanical Piping

  • Contract value:             $220,151.00
  • Total Man hours:                    3,344
  • Recordable injuries:                   0

Highlights and Challenges

  •  This project was in an existing pharmaceutical manufacturing and office building with ongoing operations that could not be disrupted.
  •  The project utilized 3D BIM (building information modeling) for coordination with other trades and as-built documentation.
  •  The project required tie ins to live systems (hot-taps).

Project Overview

  • Install new Thermal Control Modules (TCMs) to supply tempered glycol to process equipment and pipe from mechanical space into clean room.
  • Connect and fill process equipment in clean room.
  • Tie in to and reroute existing process drains (sanitary tubing and welded stainless pipe).
  • Install heating hot water piping in mechanical and office spaces.
  • Demo and make-safe abandoned steam and condensate lines.

Notch’s Scope Summary

The overall scope consisted of converting office space to pharmaceutical manufacturing space and renovating adjacent office areas in an existing, occupied facility.

Project Team

Client:  Shire Pharmaceuticals
Engineering Firm: Jacobs Engineering

General Contractor: Cardinal Group