Mechanical for New BBQ Sauce Production Line – Ken’s Foods


Contract value:      $2,992,132

Total Man hours:         26,620

Recordable injuries:             0


Highlights & Challenges

  • 1,200 feet of copper tubing installed
  • More than 3,500 feet of stainless steel piping installed
  • 25% savings in labor costs to customer


Project Overview 

Ken’s Foods sought a flagship manufacturing plant with a dedicated production line for the Sweet Baby Ray’s award-winning barbeque sauce. Ken’s Foods chose Notch Mechanical to help them construct it.  Following the success in their California plant, Ken’s Foods choose to use Viega’s ProPress systems* for the plant’s process piping (non-potable hot and cold water, steam, sanitizing solution, condensate, acid solution and a compressed air system).

*ProPress is a  press fit joining process that utilizes lead free alloys. It is a no weld and no soldering assembly which lowers installation time and is a good solution for flammable and high purity environments.


Notch’s Scope Summary 

Completion deadline required a very tight schedule.  Building a plant within a plant for the BBQ sauce production line began with existing utility systems that were already at capacity.  The piping work was broken into five areas: utility piping, process piping, plumbing, HVAC and refrigeration.


Project Accolades

“To convert the warehouse space into manufacturing space, Notch Mechanical’s team installed more than 1,200 feet of copper tubing with more than 75 Viega ProPress copper fittings (1/2” to 2”) and more than 3,500 feet of Viega 304 and 306 stainless steel piping with more than 500 Viega ProPress stainless fittings (3/4” to 3”).”

“The installation was completed on our schedule.”

M. Shaye, Senior Project Engineer at Ken’s Foods