Lonza Biologics Cooling Tower Installation

Portsmouth, NH

  • Contract value:             $874,745.00
  • Total Man hours:                    8,480
  • Recordable injuries:                     0

Highlights and Challenges

This job started out with the challenge of creating a custom “wye” spool piece in a very tight location in order to allow us to tie into the existing system. Notch performed 80% of the prefabrication for the whole job. Outages are hard to come by so we had to take advantage of a very quick shutdown before the cooling system started.  This job site was also very congested with overall site staffing exceeding 100 people on one site.

Project Overview

Notch was hired on this job to install two new cooling tower cells and tie them into their existing main chilled water system. This system is critical to the client’s processes.

Notch’s Scope Summary

This job was split into outside work (mostly 15’+ in the air) and work inside the plants central utility building, which was very congested with existing piping. Our mains where 14”, making pipe routing and rigging very complex.

We were able to meet a demanding schedule and had our cooling towers tied in going to the hottest time of the year. Their existing system was already at capacity so it was critical that they had these two tower cells if needed.

Project Team

Client: Lonza Biologics, Inc.

General Contractor: Cardinal Group, Inc.