American Superconductor

Devens, MA

  • Contract value:      $3,282,000
  • Total Man hours:           27,567
  • Recordable injuries:               0
    Superconductor Cooling Tower

    Superconductor Cooling Tower

Highlights & Challenges

  • 10,000LF of process and utility piping ; 98% installed 20 feet in the air on a system of racks
  • 40 foot pipe spools were prefabricated, coded and presorted by load onto 6 tractor trailers
  • Team approach with creative problem solving and execution of fast track plan
  • Specialty welding: large bore for building HVAC and process materials, oxygen and liquid nitrogen

Project Accolades 

“Notch played a key role in successfully completing such a challenging project both on time and within budget.”    John A. Facilities Engineer, American Superconductor

“I will recommend your company to anyone who asks. Notch Mechanical is at the top of my list.”       Phil B., Project Superintendent, Cutler Associates

“Notch met and exceeded the difficult quality requirements of the project.”
Walt B., P.E., Project Director, Fluor Daniel

Project Awards

Winner of two construction industry mechanical awards from Associated Builders and Contractors:

  •  Excellence Award from the Massachusetts Chapter
  • Merit Award from the National organization

Project Overview

American Superconductor and its Construction Manager, Cutler Associates, needed a team-oriented and technically knowledgeable mechanical contractor to execute the piping work required for a new 355,000sf manufacturing facility in Devens, MA. The high velocity cable the company produces is designed to meet the increasing demands of a technology driven market.

Notch’s Scope Summary

The project included over 10,000 LF of process and utility piping which had to be installed in a very tight timeframe that included winter winds and spring mud as the building was only partially constructed. The job included a significant amount of large bore welded piping systems for the building HVAC systems, as well as other specialty piping systems for oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and other process materials.
Notch completed this $3.2 million project within the required timeframe while maintaining its standard high levels of safety and quality. The key factors to its success were ability to work as a team, well coordinated planning and execution, and the decision to prefabricate significant portions of the work off site and prior to the shutdown. Pre-fabrication maximizes productivity, reduces shutdown labor hours and alleviates site congestion. Separate job crews and leaders were assigned to different systems for continuity and exact planning. Without a good set up area on site, and constantly shifting work areas as the floor was poured and curing, the crews creatively hung the pipe from the joists while pipe racks waited to be installed. Customizing high lifts for welding kept crews and equipment together. Each of these creative solutions kept us on schedule.

Project Team

Client:  American Superconductor

Engineering Firm:  Fluor Daniel

Construction Manager:  Cutler Associates