Notch Completes Cogeneration Plant for Frito-Lay

Tue., Aug 25, 2009

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Notch Mechanical Constructors recently completed mechanical work for a 4.5 MW combined heat & power plant for Frito-Lay in Killingly, CT. The project included a Solar gas turbine with a heat recovery steam generator used to produce process steam.

Notch was the mechanical contractor for the project and was an integral part of the construction team with Waldron Engineering. “The project was completed smoothly – due in no small part to the competency and work ethic of your crews”, said Stan Nobles, Construction Coordinator with Waldron Engineering.

Notch was responsible for the power piping and installation of all ancillary piping which included underground drain piping, potable water piping, and boiler/utility connections back to the original boiler room. The job also required high pressure gas piping from the utility company and heat recovery steam generator piping to include high pressure steam, feedwater, and blowdown piping as well as cooling water for the turbine air intake and finally, turbine oil piping and chemical piping for their emissions control unit.

Frito-Lay Corporate Press Release August 12, 2009

U.S. Dept. of Energy Project Profile