High Pressure Natural Gas Reducing Station Completed

Sat., Jan 14, 2006

gas PRV


In time for the 2005/2006 heating season, Notch completed a sophisticated natural gas pressure reducing station that allowed a southern New England power plant to heat their facility with the same low cost gas supply they use to fuel their generating turbines. Previously, the turbine intake air and the building were heated using the more expensive low pressure municipal gas supply. Notch was contracted to provide a turn-key dual stage pressure reducing station to take advantage of the lower cost fuel.

To complete the installation, a challenging tie-in had to be made into the 700 psi supply main. Once in operation, the pressure was dropped from 700 to 125psi in the first stage and then reduced to under 1 psi at the outlet of the second stage. An in-line heater is used to prevent freeze-up.

For additional information, please contact Steven Neveu @ 413-534-3440.