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Overview of FIT System App

The FIT System app is designed for field staff to enter information from the field for clear, consistent, and concise reporting.  This information is used in a number of ways including payroll, billing, safety, and overall job management.

Daily Crew Leader App Tasks

  • Enter hours each day
  • Enter Job Descriptions daily as needed

Weekly Crew Leader App Tasks

  • Submit Equipment for each job (Use “No Equipment” checkbox if none used on a job)
  • Submit Job Summary for each job and phase worked on that week
  • Submit an EE Evaluation for each employee you’ve entered hours for that week
  • Complete a minimum of two Safety Observation checklists

“As Needed” App Tasks

  • Review hours and job descriptions entered to confirm accuracy
  • Submit “Job Complete” for each job completed that week
  • Check “Paperwork Tracking” module throughout the week for current standing on which “paperwork” is needed and which is completed
  • Create any necessary phases