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Our 18th Annual Notch Pipe Welding Challenge among Students in Vocational High Schools. It’s almost here! The skills competition involving over 106 students from 12 schools across MA & CT are about to go live. The weld “coupon” samples have been visually inspected by independent judges. The final step will happen at the Notch Headquarters… Buy Phentermine D Online

Buy Adipex Ebay

Notch Mechanical Constructors Named S.T.E.P. Award Recipient Gould Construction Institute Announces S.T.E.P. Award Winners Woburn, MA – May 14th, 2015 – The Gould Construction Institute (GCI) congratulates Notch Mechanical Constructors, located in Chicopee, MA, for recently being named a Diamond Safety, Training, and Evaluation Process (S.T.E.P.) Award recipient at the 11th Annual GCI Safety & Education… Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online Reviews

Buy Adipex Brand Online

Vocational Students Compete in “Bend Off” Notch Mechanical Constructors hosts 17th annual Notch Pipe Welding Challenge CHICOPEE, MA – Students from nine vocational high schools in Massachusetts and Connecticut came together on May 20, 2015 to compete in the “Bend Off”, the final phase of 17th Annual Notch Pipe Welding Challenge, a craft skills competition… Phentermine Buy In The Uk

Buy Real Adipex Online 2014

Our 17th Annual Notch Pipe Welding Challenge. The competitive event is the highlight for young students seeking careers in the craft & trade industry they’ve learned in a Vocational High School welding program. Voc-Tech Teachers have been training their students to be the best in the competitive world of welding. Our experienced leaders from Notch… Buy Adipex Online From Mexico

Reliable Online Pharmacy Phentermine

The Notch Pipe Welding Challenge for High School students was held May 14, 2014 at Notch Mechanical Constructors’ headquarters in Chicopee, MA. Congratulations to: First Place: David Ortega from Chicopee Comprehensive High School, MA Welding Teachers: Mr. Mike Douville and Mrs. Amanda Mucha Second Place: Jamey Bass from Franklin County Technical High School, MA (back… Buy Adipex Online Lowest Prices Guaranteed

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online

Just around the bend is this year’s annual Vocational High School welding program competition! Students have been honing their skills, shop teachers encouraging and the experienced welders from Notch Mechanical Contractors have visited each school to support the contestants. Close to 100 students have submitted their best work to the judges, vying for a spot… Phentermine Online Cheap