An Eagle Has Landed at Notch. An Eagle Award for Excellence in Construction, that is.

Fri., Nov 4, 2011



The ABC chose to present Eagle awards to only two companies this year and we are thrilled to be one of them.
The ABC’s Award of Excellence Program is the premier competition within the construction industry that recognizes outstanding construction projects across the nation. To receive this award of recognition from the Rhode Island Chapter is a true honor.
This project was future-focused and highly technical, requiring skilled and licensed craft professionals. In addition to the technical challenge of the project, the construction team had to deal with the unique challenges of doing a construction project around a busy international airport.

With effective planning, Notch was able to complete the work required in the scheduled one-day shutdown. It took a dedicated team to address the complexity of the project and the strong emphasis on reliability, security and dynamic conditions of the plant in order to return to operational status within a tight time frame.

Extensive pre-planning also gave each Notch worker a chance to provide input regarding safety and productivity expectations. We are proud to report that within the 5,606 man-hours to complete the whole project, we had no recordable accidents.

The Bradley Energy Center expansion project is a leading edge example of how the Notch team can meet any challenge.


Notch has two offices located at the crossroads of New England, one in Chicopee, MA the other in Hudson, MA. Notch has provided our high-quality, dependable service to Rhode Island since 2006 and continues to expand our coverage of southern New England.