18th Annual Notch Pipe Welding Challenge

Our 18th Annual Notch Pipe Welding Challenge among Students in Vocational High Schools. It’s almost here! The skills competition involving over 106 students from 12 schools across MA & CT are about to go live. The weld “coupon” samples have been visually inspected by independent judges. The final step will happen at the Notch Headquarters facility held on May 25th, in Chicopee, MA. Teachers will escort their students here in anticipation to watch the passing “coupon” samples withstand the Bend Tester machine.

The Pipe Welding challenge is the craft Olympics for those students wanting to make a career in the trade industry as a skilled welder. Teachers have instructed and coached their students in an art of labor taught in Vocational High Schools towards a promising and rewarding career that is competitive and mastered only by the best who want to succeed in a well paying field. Our generous sponsors are also invited to attend the event and cheer on students who are future industry welders.2016 Weld Challenge Poster